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Different Types of Air Conditioners

February 9, 2024 Radek No Comments

Choosing the Best AC for Your Home and Office

What are the different types of Air Conditioners? - Ideas by Mr Right

This guide covers all types of air conditioners that you need to know about to make the right choice for your next cooling or heating appliance!

Let’s start with some statistics and move on to learning about various types of ACs that are available in the market.

Air conditioners are found to be amongst the most common electrical appliances in homes within the UK. Almost 75% of homes have air conditioners installed of one type or another. Based on the statistics gathered by the U.K. Department of Energy, air conditioner usage amounts to about 6% of total electricity produced in the country. When we convert this usage into monetary terms it gives us a staggering amount of $29 billion.

Now that we know the amount of money spent on powering different types of air conditioners, let’s see what one goes through when buying a new air conditioning system or replacing an old one.

The air conditioning unit is an integral part of any home & takes up a major chunk out of your must-have home appliances budget. Making the right choice is crucial as your home’s cooling, comfort & energy consumption are directly dependent on it. There are different types of air conditioners, each having their own pros & cons.

Let’s dig in deep & go through the types of air conditioners available in the market so that you can make a qualified decision about your next air conditioning system.

There are eight main types of air conditioning equipment out there in the market. Each type of air conditioner is designed for a certain space & fulfills a certain purpose. The different AC types are as follows:

Popular Air Conditioning Options

1. Central Air Conditioner
2. Ductless Mini-Split
3. Window Air Conditioner
4. Portable Air Conditioner
5. Floor-Mounted Air Conditioner
6. Smart Air Conditioner
7. Geothermal Air Conditioning System
8. Hybrid / Dual Fuel Air Conditioner
9. Evaporator Cooler

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