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Cellar Coolers

We Repair all Cellar Cooling Systems.

"Our Priority is to keep your equipment in service. We attend site quickly, diagnose the fault and if possible repair the fault from van stock, and leave your equipment working."

Those similar temperature settings are also ideal to prolong the life of fruit, vegetables, flower products and other items requiring a controlled environment although these would have a different type of evaporator installed. We also have systems for monitoring the energy input and output of a building allows appliances such as air conditioning and refrigeration to be adjusted and tailored to provide green running all year round.

Cellar Coolers

Is your cellar cooling working properly?

We Repair all Cellar Cooling Systems. Our experienced Service team Install and Maintain cellar and specialist refrigeration equipment including ice machines, bottle colors, vending machines. Our highly trained and experienced team are ready to help with whatever cellar cooling requirements you may have

Our maintenance schedule:

  • Inspect all plug tops to equipment for correct fuse rating and tightness of connections.
  • Inspect flexible leads for damage.
  • Examine exterior and interior of cabinet for damage.
  • Check condition of shelves and supports.
  • Inspect door seals and catches.
  • Inspect the fans.
  • Inspect the vaporiser trays for damage and contamination.
  • Test compressor and or condenser under normal operating conditions.
  • Check system for refrigerant leaks.
  • Check expansion valve where fitted.
  • Clean condenser and blow out under high pressure to clear debris.
  • Carry out visual inspection of electrical wiring and controls.
  • Check defrost operation, heaters and drain pipe.
  • Inspect water flow, drain pan, water treatment facility and sensors for calcium contamination.


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